Partners you can count on

We are proud of the professional collaboration we have with our partner businesses located close to the Gambswirt. We have enjoyed ties of friendship with them for many years, in some cases for decades. We are also delighted that our Hotel Gambswirt is a member of the platform “Vom Feinsten”. Which makes us one of the hottest insider tips for your upcoming Austrian holiday!

Hotel-Restaurant Gambswirt in the center of Tamsweg - Lungau

Joy of the Alps


The Lerchpeuntgut gives a whole new meaning to the term “Alpen Joy”. 16 Alpine chalets and five holiday apartments are available to choose from in this modern, architecturally striking chalet & apartment village in a beautifully scenic location in Tamsweg. Sauna and wellness, swimming pond and village store, garden and terraces:

The Lerchpeuntgut is a place that stands out due to its Alpine elegance and uncomplicated approach.


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Our Ludlalm

The Prebersee and the Ludlalm are a must during your stay in the Lungau. The natural landscapes surrounding the moorland lake are quite unique, including views of the adjacent peaks. You can eat and drink well here, relax in the comfy dining rooms, enjoy the scenery from out on the sunny terrace and spend the night in comfortable rooms. You can even get married at the Ludlalm. To be precise, in the chapel which is also located there.

In other words, at this beautiful spot just above Tamsweg, you can basically do anything your heart desires!

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Shuttle service for all guests

Maier Taxi is always there when you need them!

Our own taxi business provides shuttle service for all guests of Hotel Gambswirt. As our guest, it has never been easier to plan your excursions, attend events or enjoy refreshments at nearby huts. You can always count on having a safe, reliable way to return to Tamsweg and the Gambswirt.

The Maier Taxi brings