In the land of folk customs and traditions

Salzburger Lungau has successfully managed to preserve its authenticity and folk heritage. One highlight of the annual calendar is the “Preberschiessen”, staged by a local rifle club. Every year in August, you can watch as passionate marksmen shoot at the reflection of targets in the water, with the bullet ricocheting of the surface and hitting the actual target on land.

Tradition Lungau - the Preberschießen Prebersee is a unique tradition
Tradition Lungau - Prangtag in Zederhaus in June with the magnificent pruning sticks, which adorn many thousands of flowers
the Samson giant figures and their dwarfs

A centuries-old tradition

the Tamsweger Vereinigten, originally established as a craftsmen's guild in the 18th century.

The Gambswirt serves essentially as the “clubhouse” of the Vereinigten, an organization whose highlights include the Festival Week every January as well as a parade every three years in honor of the newly elected “Vater Kommissär”. If you happen to be staying in the Lungau close to St. Martin’s Day, you might bump into the “Kasmandla”. Children dressed up as farmers and farmers’ wives, dairymaids and cowherds, bulls and “Light Bearers” make their way from one home to the next wishing residents blessings and happiness.

Tradition Lungau - the Kasmandla move in November from house to house

Interested in arts & crafts?

In that case, you will definitely be interested in a tour of either the hand-weaving business in Sauerfeld or one of Lungau’s local heritage museums!

Incidentally, the region is also home to a number of gifted craftsmen and -women, along with an array of talented personalities. From makers of musical instruments to wainwrights, from spinners of woolen yarn to woodcarvers and manufacturers of skin balms, and many more…

Tradition Lungau - Silent Night and Pilgrimage Museum next to the Minor Basilica Mariapfarr

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