Home away from home in Lungau

The market town of Tamsweg lies at 1024 meters above sea level and, with a population of 5770 residents, is the main community in Lungau. Tamsweg is especially famous for its historical architecture, a captivating town center, renovated Schloss Kuenburg as well as St. Leonhard’s Pilgrimage Church. The Preber region and Tamsweg’s local mountain, the Preberspitz, generally referred to simply as the “Preber”, is a natural jewel, nature sanctuary and popular destination for outdoor recreation.


Kasmandla and the Hand-Weaver's

A centuries-old tradition, the Tamsweger Vereinigten, originally established as a craftsmen's guild in the 18th century. The Gambswirt serves essentially as the “clubhouse” of the Vereinigten, an organization whose highlights include the Festival Week every January as well as a parade every three years in honor of the newly elected “Vater Kommissär”. If you happen to be staying in the Lungau close to St. Martin’s Day, you might bump into the “Kasmandla”. Children dressed up as farmers and farmers’ wives, dairymaids and cowherds, bulls and “Light Bearers” make their way from one home to the next wishing residents blessings and happiness!  Interested in arts & crafts? In that case, you will definitely be interested in a tour of either the hand-weaving business in Sauerfeld or one of Lungau’s local heritage museums!

An excursion to the Prebersee

unforgettably beautiful!

The Prebersee falls within the Tamsweg town limits, a lake located at 1500 m above sea level and a popular Salzburger Lungau destination for locals and visitors alike. Summer and winter, the Prebersee in Tamsweg is a popular destination for outings. Because of the beautiful countryside and magical surroundings, this attractive moorland area has been declared a nature sanctuary. Families love to spend time at the lake swimming, with three lake access points. In winter, families enjoy taking idyllic winter hikes around the Prebersee, along with extended tours out on the cross-country ski trails.

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