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The market town of Tamsweg lies at 1024 m above sea level and, with a population of 5770, is the biggest town in Lungau. Tamsweg is best known for its historic and iconic town center, recently renovated Schloss Kuenburg as well as St. Leonhard’s Pilgrimage Church. The Preber Region, which encompasses Preber mountain (“Preberspitz”) and the Prebersee, is a natural jewel, nature sanctuary and a popular recreation area.

Tamsweg offers an outstanding public infrastructure, is an education center as well as the seat of government for the Lungau region. Outstanding medical care is guaranteed by the local physicians as well as a hospital. A wide selection of shops of all sizes make it a joy to go shopping, while a shopping center, located close to the center of town, is just a few minutes’ walk from the Gambswirt. If you are interested in upcoming cultural events, the Lungau Cultural Society, the tourist office and many other traditional organizations, including the town folk band, will be happy to provide you with information. The best way to discover the historical side of this town is either on foot or by bicycle – while a visit to the pilgrimage church of St. Leonhard on the Leonhardsberg is an absolute must.