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Biking enjoyment surpasses all expectations

Even though the word has long since gotten around, the Lungau is still very much an insider tip on the mountain bike scene. So, even though the numbers are steadily growing, exploring this region perched on a bike saddle and leaning eagerly into your pedals still doesn’t mean contending with crowds. If you have the necessary strength in your leg muscles along with the stamina, you might also want to crank things up an extra notch and head for the higher elevations, following a wide selection of surfaced paths along with totally cool single trails.

The sun-drenched Lungau high plateau has a wide array of touring opportunities in store for you: 15 marked mountain bike tours will motivate you to set out on a sporting journey of discovery through Lungau. The mountain bike map provides you with a clear overview as well as descriptions of the trails themselves, elevation profiles and physical difficulty. If you are a true pro or interested in planning a multi-day tour, we highly recommend the route known as “Lungau Extrem”, spanning two valleys, 160 km and the better part of 7000 vertical meters.

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