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What a beautiful world it is...

... and SalzburgerLand is blessed with more than its fair share of beauty. Mountains and lakes, folk customs and rich traditions, art, music and culture, typical regional cuisine and farmers who produce the best food products imaginable – definitely a destination where nothing needs to be staged or faked! Hohe Tauern National Park, along with the other nature parks and reserves, epitomize the uniqueness of our landscapes. Mother Nature herself has sculpted so many of our sightseeing attractions and left her own unique mark on the region’s history as well.

Salzburg, the City of Mozart, provides an urban contrast to the country lifestyle and natural idyll, with its downtown historic district and a unique cultural heritage all its own. Every year during the festival, Salzburg transforms into a big international stage, while culture lovers from every corner of the globe make their own personal contribution to the colorful picture. And enthroned above all of this, as always, majestic Hohensalzburg Fortress.