Reaching for new heights!

Lungau's mountain world awaits you

Out into nature, into any of our 13 side valleys, into shady forests of evergreens, up to the refreshing alpine pastures, then onward to alpine heights and challenging summits extending beyond the 3000-meter mark. The region offers a wide variety of hikes and mountain tours with a full range of difficulty – from short, family-friendly hiking paths to strenuous scrambling tours, all the while breathing in the fresh mountain air of Lungau.

Erkunde die über 60 Bergseen im Salzburger Lungau
Hiking in Biosphere Reserve Salzburg Lungau - the markings show the way
Hiking in Biosphere Reserve Salzburg Lungau - sure-footed and well-equipped, exploring the mountains

Pure wanderlust ...

… doesn’t necessarily mean a longing for far-flung places, but is rather an expression of adventure and the inner drive to set out into nature on foot, constantly encountering new and wonderful places. In Lungau, thanks to the diversity of its landscapes, this isn’t at all difficult – and whenever it is time for a well-earned refreshment break, you are greeted by more than sixty mountain huts, many of which have remained authentically original, both in terms of their appearance as well as the important role they play within the farming infrastructure, serving their guests the traditional foods and drinks hungry hikers expect to be treated to at an alpine hill farm.

Hiking in Biosphere Reserve Salzburg Lungau - from grassy mountains to rocky peaks

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